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14.04.20192238Base systemBug ReportVery LowMedium6in4 endpoint does not update with libustream-wolfsslopenwrt-18.06Unconfirmed Task Description

Device: GL-MT750 / Software: OpenWRT 18.06.2, new install.
Additional packages: 6in4, libustream-wolfssl, curl, ca-bundle

  • Fully configure an IPV6 tunnel with, using the configuration generated by their control panel.
  • Manually update the endpoint, to confirm tunnel is working (TX and RX counters above 0, ping works)
  • Force a change in the WAN IPv4, for example “ifup wan”
  • Observe the RX packet counter of the tunnel stays at 0
  • Remove libustream-wolfssl and replace it with libustream-mbedtls
  • Force another IPV4 change
  • Observe that the tunnel endpoint is automatically updated and traffic is flowing

Unrelated changes: /lib/netifd/proto/ : max, 3→10
(unrelated in the sense that it doesn’t change the results of the tests but I am documenting it out of completeness)

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