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25.06.20203202PackagesBug ReportVery LowLowlibnl_tiny: struct np_sock may be affected by Y2038 Pro...TrunkUnconfirmed Task Description

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- Software versions of OpenWrt/LEDE release, packages, etc.
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libnl_tiny stores time() value to sk→s_seq_expect and sk→s_seq_next (struct np_sock sk) in socket.c.
Struct members s_seq_expect and s_seq_next are both unsigned integer values, which I believe is to
overcome Y2038 Problem. Looking at git blame, this particular design choice has been made over 10 years ago.

Since many libraries and OS including gLibc and linux have already redefined time_t to signed 64 bit,
I think it is safe to redefine the members to uint64_t.

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