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3604Base systemBug ReportVery LowHighath9k firmware is 0 bytes on Fritzbox 7430TrunkUnconfirmed Task Description

Supply the following if possible:
- Device problem occurs on Fritz!box 7430
- Software versions of OpenWrt/LEDE snapshot r15642+2-eb11cd9ea3
- Steps to reproduce

Firmware for wifi ath9k in the directory /lib/firmware/ is 0 bytes.

Changing the parameter -s 0x1e000 to -s 0x1e800 results in the firmware
being created with 4096 bytes.

The ssid is now displayed, but wifi is very unstable and the connection
is quickly lost.

Here, too, the parameter -l 4096 was changed to -l 5120, which means
that the connection remains stable.

The file /etc/hotplug.d/firmware/12-ath9k-eeprom was locally changed to:

/usr/bin/fritz_cal_extract -i 1 -s 0x1e800 -e 0x207 -l 5120 -o /lib/firmware/$FIRMWARE $(find_mtd_chardev "urlader")

Attached the completely changed file 12-ath9k-eeprom.

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