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3253Base systemBug ReportVery LowCriticalLinksys WRT3200 ipv4 connection speed problems openwrt-19.07Unconfirmed Task Description

I’m using Linksys wrt3200 as router behind cable modem with a dslite configuration and Devolo 1200+ DinRail connected to one of the LAN ports.

Previuos configuration was provider cable modem connected to Devolo and it was working fine (up to 50-100 mbit up and download to all DLAN devices.

After swiching to Linksys and OpenWRT I noticed that download speed for IPv4 dropped to 2-3 MBit for all devices. Upload and IPv6 work fine.

Thought it was dslite problem but provider router works fine and if I connect to Linksys directly via WLAN the download speed is as expected...

Repatched with Linksys stock firmware without changing anything else stable up and download speeds in expected range for ip4/ip6.

Patched openwrt back - ipv4 download drop to 2Mbit, back to stock back to normal speed...

Assume it’s potentially an MTU setting for LAN interface but all values I tried did not change much...

Would appreciate any help. Would be pity to fall back to stock but if it’s the only option...


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