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Opened by Marcin W - 09.02.2017
Last edited by Petr Štetiar - 27.11.2019

FS#488 - dynamic VLAN doesn't work on ath10k

Dynamic vlan config on ath10k seems not to work. Same config on ath9k works fine.


config wifi-device  radio0
        option type     mac80211
        option channel  36
        option hwmode   11a
        option path     'pci0000:01/0000:01:00.0'
        option htmode   VHT80

config wifi-iface
        option device   radio0
        option network  vlan1
        option mode     ap
        option dynamic_vlan     '1'
        option 'vlan_tagged_interface' 'eth1'
        option 'vlan_bridge' 'br-vlan'
        option 'vlan_naming' '0'


Thu Feb  9 15:54:37 2017 daemon.err hostapd: WPA initialization for VLAN 1 failed (-1)
Thu Feb  9 15:54:37 2017 daemon.err hostapd: WPA deinit of wlan0.1 failed
Thu Feb  9 15:54:37 2017 daemon.debug hostapd: wlan0: STA ac:22:0b:a1:c7:6b IEEE 802.11: could not add dynamic VLAN interface for vlan=1
HeavyMetal commented on 26.02.2017 00:08

I just tried this on my router and can see the same error for ath10k.

The ath9k radio continues to work great.

smunaut commented on 13.04.2017 15:25

Same issue here.

Also exists in OpenWRT tracker under

And there is a mailing list thread

corrideat commented on 24.06.2017 19:10

I have a TP-Link Archer C7 v. 2.0, running LEDE Reboot 17.01.2 r3435-65eec8bd5f, and I can confirm this issue with the ath10k 5GHz radio, and how the exact same configuration works with ath9k.

A note to the devlopers: I'd love to see this fixed. Even though I'm probably not qualified to touch the internals of hostapd to resolve this (without breaking other things), I'd be happy to provide any help I can.

EDIT (2017-06-25): I have created a patched wpad package based on this hostapd patch. Although the network 'works' after using this modified wpad package, mind the potential repercusions. It would seem like the best approach would be to actually fix this at the driver level.

HeavyMetal commented on 25.06.2017 22:27

I would want to see this fixed also.

My router is also the TP-Link Archer C7 v2.0

Cullen Trey commented on 29.09.2017 14:13

I can also confirm that ath9k works, ath10k does not with LEDE 17.01.2.

With OpenWRT 15.05.1 both work.

I think the VLAN feature is really important, but this is only my view. Any suggestions what a user can do, to get Qualcomm producing better drivers? Has Felix any idea or e-mail address where I can complain?

corrideat commented on 30.09.2017 00:33

It'd seem the issue is, in fact, getting better drivers (or firmware) from Qualcomm.


HeavyMetal commented on 07.06.2018 17:29

I just compiled the latest snapshot "OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r7135-a0a616e" and this issue is still there.

Nico PELLARD commented on 19.07.2018 12:30

Not fixed in 17.01.5

Hernán Rossetto commented on 27.08.2018 00:04

I can confirm this issue still exists on OpenWrt 18.06.1, for both ath10k and ath10k-ct drivers.
ath9k works fine with the same config.

Tested it with TP-Link Archer C7 v2.0.


Robert Marko commented on 28.11.2018 11:17

This is not an OpenWrt bug, but ath10k since there is no support for them in ath10k so far.
Patch for it has just been submitted couple of days ago.

Christian Limpach commented on 03.12.2018 21:18

The works for me. With it, I get dynamic vlans on ath10k (on a TP-Link Archer A7).

I had to fix it up a little bit, and locate the matching mac80211 changes, and update the firmware. I've only updated the firmware for my device.

- firmware update: - ath10k/mac80211 changes:

HeavyMetal commented on 17.12.2018 18:49

I have tried the patch above from Christian Limpach but I am getting the errors below.

Device I am trying on is TP-Link Archer C7 v2 using the 18.06.1 branch.

Mon Dec 17 13:39:37 2018 hostapd: wlan0: STA c0:ee:fb:aa:bb:cc IEEE 802.11: authenticated
Mon Dec 17 13:39:37 2018 hostapd: wlan0: STA c0:ee:fb:aa:bb:cc IEEE 802.11: associated (aid 1)
Mon Dec 17 13:39:37 2018 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-STARTED c0:ee:fb:aa:bb:cc
Mon Dec 17 13:39:37 2018 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-PROPOSED-METHOD vendor=0 method=1
Mon Dec 17 13:39:37 2018 daemon.err hostapd: WPA deinit of wlan0.3 failed
Mon Dec 17 13:39:40 2018 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-RETRANSMIT2 c0:ee:fb:aa:bb:cc

Edit: I have git cloned his repo instead of manually patching it is working.

Hernán Rossetto commented on 01.03.2019 12:36

So is this already included in openwrt source code ?

I will be glad to build a firmware based on master branch and report back if it is working or not.

sameerz commented on 12.03.2019 22:38

I'm also affected by this bug. Was hoping 18.06.2 would have included a fix for it, but it doesn't appear to.

Linksys EA8500 (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9980).

Hernán Rossetto commented on 21.03.2019 23:15

I can confirm it is still not working. Tested with a custom firmware built from master branch.

HeavyMetal commented on 03.06.2019 19:02

I am still using the patch above as it is not in the mainstream yet.

Are there any plans to merge the patch?

Hernán Rossetto commented on 04.07.2019 10:38

It has been a couple years since it was initially reported, patches were available, yet none was merged for OpenWrt.

Maybe there is a reason for not resolving this, but didn't hear why so far.

Could any body help us ?


Matthias Larisch commented on 24.08.2019 09:58

It has been fixed upstream some months ago and changes made it back to openwrt trunk (e.g. NOT 18.06.4 but the 5.3 backports which get used in current git HEAD (~2019-08)).

I can confirm dynamic vlan working out of the box when you compile current openwrt but you have to use ath10k instead of ath10k-ct (which became the default), also a more recent firmware (non-ct version as the ct firmwares don't seem to support the single packet raw tx mode). There is a bug open at the ct firmware as well, they might include it at some point.

Now the downside:
I have much increased ping times (~25ms) and very low throughput (<10 Mbit/s with 2x2, 80 MHz @-70dBm) with ath10k from OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10848-4346de8d34 so this state is unusable.

I might apply the patches specifically to 18.06.4 and try again, but maybe not now :-)

Matthias Larisch commented on 25.08.2019 04:41

Okay, the 19.07 branch does not include the patches yet, but is already on ath10k-ct.

* See the attached patch (to be put into package/kernel/mac80211/patches/ath) for an updated version that applies to 19.07
* Switch from ath10k-ct to ath10k, same for the firmware

It works for me without performance degradation.

Tomek commented on 23.11.2019 12:49

This still does not work on Archer C7 v5 on 18.06.5:

Sat Nov 23 13:44:06 2019 hostapd: wlan0: STA 44:85:00:83:89:89 IEEE 802.11: authenticated
Sat Nov 23 13:44:06 2019 hostapd: wlan0: STA 44:85:00:83:89:89 IEEE 802.11: associated (aid 1)
Sat Nov 23 13:44:06 2019 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-STARTED 44:85:00:83:89:89
Sat Nov 23 13:44:06 2019 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-PROPOSED-METHOD vendor=0 method=1
Sat Nov 23 13:44:06 2019 daemon.err hostapd: WPA initialization for VLAN 10 failed (-1)
Sat Nov 23 13:44:06 2019 daemon.err hostapd: WPA deinit of wlan0.10 failed
Sat Nov 23 13:44:09 2019 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-RETRANSMIT2 44:85:00:83:89:89
Sat Nov 23 13:44:15 2019 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-EAP-RETRANSMIT2 44:85:00:83:89:89

Own build with:

make PROFILE=archer-c7-v5 FILES=openwrt-01 PACKAGES="-dnsmasq -firewall -iptables -ip6tables -kmod-ip6tables -kmod-ipt-conntrack -kmod-ipt-core -kmod-ipt-nat -kmod-nf-conntrack -kmod-nf-conntrack6 -kmod-nf-ipt -kmod-nf-ipt6 -kmod-nf-nat -kmod-ppp -kmod-pppoe -kmod-pppox -kmod-slhc -libip4tc -libip6tc -libxtables -odhcp6c -odhcpd -odhcpd-ipv6only -ppp -ppp-mod-pppoe -wpad-mini wpad uhttpd luci-mod-admin-full luci-proto-ipv6 luci-theme-bootstrap libiwinfo-lua rsync -ath10k-firmware-qca988x ath10k-firmware-qca988x-ct -kmod-ath10k kmod-ath10k-ct" image

on: openwrt-imagebuilder-18.06.5-ar71xx-generic.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz

I cannot also see it working on 19.07.0-rc1.

Tomek commented on 27.11.2019 14:00

It still doesn’t work on 18.06.5 & 19.07.0-rc1.

Petr Štetiar commented on 27.11.2019 14:01

Tomek, you should reproduce it first with the prebuild images from, then try building your own images.

Romain Lecat commented on 05.12.2019 11:45

Just tried this with latest snapshot on Archer C7 v4 (r11618-416d2cc71e), the issue still occurs.

Wiphy phy0
        max # scan SSIDs: 16
        max scan IEs length: 199 bytes
        max # sched scan SSIDs: 0
        max # match sets: 0
        max # scan plans: 1
        max scan plan interval: -1
        max scan plan iterations: 0
        Retry short limit: 7
        Retry long limit: 4
        Coverage class: 0 (up to 0m)
        Device supports AP-side u-APSD.
        Available Antennas: TX 0x7 RX 0x7
        Configured Antennas: TX 0x7 RX 0x7
        Supported interface modes:
                 * IBSS
                 * managed
                 * AP
                 * monitor
                 * mesh point
                 * P2P-client
                 * P2P-GO
                 * P2P-device

AP/VLAN capability is not reported. Swapping CT to non-CT firmware solved the issue, dynamic vlan works on qc9980.

Will try tomorrow on 9984 and report back.

Romain Lecat commented on 06.12.2019 10:36

It works on 9984 without swapping firmware. Tried on both RC2 and today's snapshot.
Installing the non-CT driver on 9984 has the opposite behaviour : AP/VLAN capability disappears.

HeavyMetal commented on 08.12.2019 05:42

I compiled OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc2, r10775-db8345d8e4 on ipq40xx gl-b1300 with non-CT firmware / driver and it didnt work.

daemon.err hostapd: Failed to create interface wlan1.5: -95 (Not supported)

After compiling OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r11631-deb835849a with non-CT firmware / driver it is working fine.


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