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Opened by howl - 22.01.2017
Last edited by Mathias Kresin - 01.02.2017

FS#423 - Linksys WRT1900ACS USB led names are wrong

At least in WRT1900ACS but it could be in another Linksys WRT AC series the USB led names are wrong. The device has USB1 and USB2 leds, but in the default configuration USB2 and USB3 are set up.;a=blob;f=target/linux/mvebu/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds;h=d6e42ddfd590ff8e6136bffafd0c57159f1cbb98;hb=9641ceea0ce68d1c507b9d2bbe7cf8da518a2eb8

I don’t know if USB2 should be USB1 and USB3 should be USB2, or only USB3 must be renamed to USB1.

Will try to make sure what of the two possible changes is the correct one and then comment it here.

Closed by  Mathias Kresin
01.02.2017 06:49
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  

Fixed with ht tps:// a6e0814919f2943a6a9d2f529d3

howl commented on 23.01.2017 21:31

The renaming should be as follow:

Jo-Philipp Wich commented on 24.01.2017 10:22

I think the LED names are supposed to denote USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.1, not the number of the USB port.

howl commented on 24.01.2017 11:41

But that could led to confusion, front in the leds you have USB1 and USB2 and rear in the usb ports itself you also have USB1 and USB2.

I think that I didn't notice it before having an Archer C7 where you have USB1 and USB2 both 2.0. I suppose I understood like you explain it before seeing the C7 with USB1 and 2 matching the router labels.

What you decide it's ok for me as it's cosmetics.

Jo-Philipp Wich commented on 24.01.2017 12:12

I'm undecided too. If we change it we probably need to change it for all models, not just for the ACS.

Project Manager
Mathias Kresin commented on 25.01.2017 12:06

I will fix this together with  FS#425 .

howl, would you please try an image from The images are build from the 17.01 release branch and do include LuCI.

Don't preserve your config when upgrading! Please test both usb ports with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices. Check if the correct LED is switched on and report back!

The LED names should match the label printed on the case as well.

howl commented on 25.01.2017 12:40

Will try to test it today.

howl commented on 25.01.2017 14:18

Ok, I have tested it and I have found two things.

First one is that the generated led configuration had caiman instead of shelby in the led names, perhaps you hardcoded the other model to test this. I have just edited caiman to shelby and it works, USB 1 brights up when a usb 2 device is connected, and because it's only usb 2 also with a usb 3 device. USB 2 also brights up with usb 2 and 3 devices because the two ports setup in the led configuration.

The second one is that before testing with devices I set up 255 to the brightness of the leds manually in the sysfs, and found that the third led is also working. The led usb3_2 is there just below the usb3_1, it's a little point similar to the one in the ethernet port to indicate if the link is 100 or 1000 mb. Joining that we can detect if the device in the usb 3 port is 2 or 3 and that third led I have done this to the configuration:

config led 'led_usb1'
	option name 'USB 1'
	option sysfs 'pca963x:shelby:white:usb2'
	option trigger 'usbport'
	list port 'usb1-port1'

config led 'led_usb2'
	option name 'USB 2'
	option sysfs 'pca963x:shelby:white:usb3_1'
	option trigger 'usbport'
	list port 'usb2-port1'
	list port 'usb3-port1'

config led 'led_usb2_2'
	option name 'USB 2-2'
	option sysfs 'pca963x:shelby:white:usb3_2'
	option trigger 'usbport'
	list port 'usb3-port1'

With it if you plug a device in USB 2, if it's 2 the bar get bright, but if it's 3 the bar and the dot below gets bright. I suppose the original firmwares does it but I haven't tested. Anyways it seems that usb3_2 is there for that purpose.

I also opened two days ago a bug in luci asking for usbport trigger configuration that is related to this use case

howl commented on 25.01.2017 15:00

One suggestion for the naming, I named the dot as 'USB 2-2' but it could be 'USB 2 SS', referencing SuperSpeed also as described in the first paragraph of that is used as a standard de-facto like the blue color to distinguish USB 3 from 2.

Project Manager
Mathias Kresin commented on 25.01.2017 15:48

Indeed, I made a stupid copy/paste mistake and I wasn't ware of the usb3_2 LED.

I've fixed the copy/paste mess, added the usb3_2 LED (which is according to the usermanual used by the linksys firmware the way you supposed already) and uploaded a new images.

Would you please test again!

howl commented on 25.01.2017 16:18

Tested, and it's ok. Thanks for taking into account the SS suggestion.


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