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Opened by Lukas ThyWalls - 14.11.2020

FS#3451 - Linksys E3000 - Bad documentation can lead to a build with some issues?

Hello. Let me explain because i I could not explain myself better in the summary.

The router is a Cisco LinkSys E3000 It have installed the build 19.07.4, made to this target, but i have this issue with older ones.

First to make some context:

I want the router for simple task, mainly to make it work with OpenWRT and not much else, as it’s an old router. But i found some issue i didn’t have with other routers i have with OpenWRT (Two AR5381u and one HG556a). Compared with these other ones i have with the same configuration (as a repeater), i only have 0.5Mb/s when with the other ones i have easily between 5-10 or more, depending how crowded the wifi spectrum are.
But this is not the main issue, the main issue is if i try to use the 5Ghz radio, it suddenly reboots. In fact the first time i use it, i config the 5Ghz radio and it kept in a reboot cycle which you can’t reset or do anything unless you inject via serial or doing a shortcircuit. All of this is explained in the forums to add that OpenWRT wiki, as it’s is an issue with this router AND the driver b43 (Possibly this issue has been reported already here but it was closed), and that’s what i did (I added two motherboard photos too to the wiki). Also i have other issue when i bring back it to life but i can’t reproduce it anymore so i don’t want to bother with it.

To summarizing the tests i made with the router: With b43 driver, radio0 is detected as “b/g” and it works, radio1 is detected as “a” but if i made a scan or i try to do something with it, the router reboots (if i save any config it keeps in the reboot cycle forever). With the brcmsmac driver, radio0 is labeled as b/g/n and works (but i used it to make an access point and seems a bit slow), and radio1 as b/g but it doesn’t find anything if i search access points. With broadcom-wl, it creates wl0 and wl1, both labeled as b/g, but both doesn’t find all the access points which found the other drivers, wl1 only finds one what is one meter from the router (and it doesn’t show channel numbers), but suddenly both radios didn’t find anymore access points (i don’t know why).

Getting to the point:

Doing the documentation, i found something, but i don’t know it’s wrong or not. The documentation says that this router have a Broadcom BCM4718 (b/g/n) and a Broadcom BCM4322 (a/n), which i asume these are radio0 and radio1 (i don’t know what is each one, and i don’t know how to see that).

However, looking for information, i did some research, and the LuCI overview said Broadcom 4716. Also a lspci shows this:

# lspci -nn
00:00.0 Host bridge [0600]: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM47xx Sentry5 USB Host Controller [14e4:4716] (rev 01)
00:00.1 Host bridge [0600]: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries Device [14e4:0000] (rev 01)
00:01.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries BCM4322 802.11bgn Wireless Network Controller [14e4:4322] (rev 01)

If you look the photos you can see the BCM4322 near the three ANT5Gx connectors, and there is other one in the other side near the ANT2Gx connectors below the heat, sink but is impossible to remove it without breaking the board, so i can’t see the number.

Also, in the System Log and the Kernel Log, there isn’t any reference to any 4718 (attached files).

I see this important, because the features for 4716 and 4718 are very different regarding to the 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, and the 4322 is detected as bgn (as seen in the lspci).

I want to point this out to be sure because maybe the issues this router have are related to a misinformation when building the target, or maybe the documentation is wrong and only need to be fixed and any of the issues is related to this. I have little knowledge about this in general, but maybe all of these triggers some of you something.

Thanks in advance.


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