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Opened by camel - 20.06.2020

FS#3195 - ramips/mt7621/zbt3526 -> boot failure with kernel 5.4

Supply the following if possible:
- Device problem occurs on: ZBT 3526-16MB + 32 MB - Software versions of OpenWrt/LEDE: current trunk (kernel 5.4)
- Steps to reproduce: when i update the firmware, i see that there is a network after reboot for ~10sec, and then it is gone, and is not accessable, seeems to be, that something is crashing.
i can only hard-reset - nothing else.

any idea ?
maybe it is related also like the other bugs reported ? for bootloop or hanging/crashing mt7621 ?


camel commented on 30.06.2020 19:07

hmm, it would be nice if admins can set this to "CRITICAL", as noone can test anymore trunks - and that is since 2 months !!!!!
affected images maybe much more - see the size of mt7621 >5MB .. maybe it is related to this ?

Petr Štetiar commented on 08.07.2020 19:54
camel commented on 20.07.2020 03:14

sorry, how should i test this ?
i can'T compile the image, but i can test images when they are compiled.
Pls let me know which image i should test ?
it is not easier to try this commit in trunk master version ? and then everone can test this ?

camel commented on 28.07.2020 23:33

sorry, guys, you are really doing a freat job, but since 6 months noone can use zbt3526 devices and also others which related to same chipset/mem.

as told, i can't compile by myself...
can anyone tell if that proposed fix is in current trunk compiled into or not ?
how can i see that it is included in trunk compiled version ?

camel commented on 28.07.2020 23:41

meanwhile i tested the current (todays) trunk, and seems to bestill not implemented that fix.
pls implement or commit whatever is needed that it will be compiled inot
it can not be going more worst, as currently still⇒ BOOTLOOP (and that is since almost 6 months now !!!

camel commented on 28.07.2020 23:44

but on that commit i see not that there is also the device zbt3526 is added ?
should it not also be in list of that patch ?

Aleksey Tregubov commented on 13.08.2020 10:32

Have the same problen on uinelec 7621-06. Snapshot images does not work at all.

But custom build from master works but with some limitations, for example, there is DT parsing error at kernel log, exactly the same as here:

but without solution.

camel commented on 13.08.2020 21:30

yes, waiting now since 6 months if anyone can commit the patch to master that i can begin testing ;-(

Rascal6 commented on 23.08.2020 10:18

hi all I have tested. Everything works with this patch

camel commented on 24.08.2020 00:20

@Rascal6 - thx for verifying ..

@Petr Štetiar
when can this patch be added to master or which are the next steps to add/commit to master trunk ?

Rascal6 commented on 24.08.2020 15:47

@camel Please check now

Aleksey Tregubov commented on 25.08.2020 11:30

@Rascal6, not at all, 5 minutes ago just tested again, still crashes.

Please note that a have another device, Unielec 7621-06. But platform the same, mt7621.

Here is part of

define Device/unielec_u7621-06-64m
  IMAGE_SIZE := 65216k
  DEVICE_MODEL := U7621-06
  DEVICE_PACKAGES := kmod-ata-ahci kmod-sdhci-mt7620 kmod-usb3 -wpad-basic-wolfssl
  SUPPORTED_DEVICES += unielec,u7621-06-512m-64m
TARGET_DEVICES += unielec_u7621-06-64m
Rascal6 commented on 25.08.2020 13:49

Need to flash without saving settings

UAb5eSMn commented on 25.08.2020 19:11

The patch should be in todays snapshot image (a69949a13f8cf3eca0fccda0d826928034877c9b). Yesterday it was at commit f75c70aecaca0d296207ad15e11cf1363b6bdcaf, so the patch (b2f19d3ef707c60c46a75a1fe2c38365474a5921) wasn't in the snapshot yet.

camel commented on 28.08.2020 10:12

confirmed, patch is working. pls close ticket
great job, thx


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