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Opened by gerardr1 - 07.02.2020

FS#2820 - ath79 19.07.x always creates an interface with


I have a TP-Link Archer-C7-V2 device. I installed via tftp the factory.bin file for 19.07.1, and changed the br-lan IP address to After installing some packages and rebooting, the lan side switch interface was given the address, despite the WAN interface getting from an upstream router via DHCP. This does not happen with ar71xx 19.07.1. I’ve remained on the ar71xx version.

I’ve attached the output from several show interface config commands for both ath79 and ar71xx. Since I rsync the entire router filesystem to my Linux system, I’ve also included a recursive diff of the ‘rom’ directories for both ath79 and ar71xx if that helps. In the diff output, for smaller size and better clarity, I removed the diff output for ‘.control’ files in opkg/info that only differed in kernel dependency and/or installed size.

Project Manager
Adrian Schmutzler commented on 10.02.2020 13:34

I suspect you have upgraded to ath79 without resetting your config?

gerardr1 commented on 10.02.2020 13:46

Actually, it was a clean TFTP factory.bin install for both ath79 first and ar71xx afterward.

Project Manager
Adrian Schmutzler commented on 10.02.2020 13:53

For some reason eth1.1 keeps the old network on ath79 though br-lan looks correct:

eth1.1    Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr xx:xx:1F:73:4C:7A  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

Can you provide /etc/config/network for both?

gerardr1 commented on 10.02.2020 14:10

OK, attached, thanks.

Note, too, that it takes at least one reboot after the TFTP install for the issue to show up (primarily for changing the br-lan address). When first installed, br-lan is the default, and eth1.1 is as expected. The change to eth1.1 happens when I set br-lan to or to (I haven't tried any others). Since after that reboot the WAN interface is also in the 192.168.1.x range, the routing gets confused.

Project Manager
Adrian Schmutzler commented on 10.02.2020 14:16

Okay, /etc/config/network reveals nothing exceptional. I'm out of ideas for now.

Project Manager
Baptiste Jonglez commented on 10.02.2020 22:16

Can you provide the output of the following commands while eth1.1 has the unexpected address?

ifstatus lan
ifstatus wan

Do you have anything in /etc/rc.local, or did you install any package?

gerardr1 commented on 10.02.2020 22:49

For ath79, since I'm running the ar71xx version right now, the only IP info is in the files I attached to the initial post. I do not have any saved log output. I'll see if I can get some time to re-install the ath79 factory.bin, but it might be a few days.

Nothing was added to /etc/rc.local. The packages that I installed are:

diffutils, findutils-find, findutils-xargs, grep, libncurses6, libopenssl1.1, libpcap1, libpcre, libpopt0, openssh-client, openssh-client-utils, openssh-keygen, rsync, tcpdump, terminfo, vim, zlib

gerardr1 commented on 12.02.2020 19:07

Spent some time on this today. I can definitively say that it is related to the installation of the grep package and its required libpcre package. This must somehow change the results of some tests in the basic setup scripts of the network. I no longer know whether this should remain in the bug list, or move to 'packages'.

You should hopefully be able to duplicate this error, now, by installing those two packages, and setting the lan interface to a different subnet than the default '1'. However, at the same time the workaround is to avoid installing the grep and libpcre packages.

I'll be remaining on the ath79 version, then, since I figure I could live without the full grep.


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