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Opened by Oldřich Jedlička - 27.12.2019

FS#2698 - netifd DFS-delayed wireless interfaces not correctly handled

Found on TP-Link Archer C7 v4 on master (commit db992e7b53 - 5 days ago).

When having 3 interfaces on channel requiring radar scan (DFS), only the main interface is shown - see logs, where radio0 wifi should have 3 interfaces wlan0-lan, wlan0-guest and wlan0-admin, but only wlan0-lan is shown. Due to DFS scan it comes up after a minute after `/etc/init.d/network start` is executed.


  • 2 wifis: 2,4GHz (radio1) + 5GHz (radio0)
  • each band has 3 SSIDs (domaci-soukroma, domaci, domaci-admin), each one’s interface assigned to one bridge - lan, guest and admin, respectively.

Called `ubus call network.wireless status`, received result:

  • wlan0-lan exists
  • wlan0-guest and wlan0-admin not recognised
  • wlan1-lan, wlan1-guest, wlan1-admin exist

Expected result:

  • wlan0-guest and wlan0-admin recognised

Configuration, logread (produced by `/sbin/netifd -d 15 -l 7`), `ubus network.device status` and `ubus network.wireless status` attached (removed IP and MAC addresses).

Oldřich Jedlička commented on 01.01.2020 13:41

The problem might be in, which on line 518 states:

# Hostapd will handle recreating the interface and
# subsequent virtual APs belonging to the same PHY

This is true for interfaces wlan0-guest and wlan0-admin, which are created after wlan0-lan comes up. But before this happens, the mac80211_setup_vif is called and tries to do (see lines 750-755):

logger ip link set dev "$ifname" $action
ip link set dev "$ifname" "$action" || {
  wireless_setup_vif_failed IFUP_ERROR
  json_select ..

This needs to be postponed for wlan0-guest and wlan0-admin until the main interface wlan0-lan comes up. I believe this is worked-around also in function drv_mac80211_setup on line 962, which states:

[ "${add_ap}" = 1 ] && sleep 1
for_each_interface "ap" mac80211_setup_vif

So it gives hostapd 1 second to come up. But problem with wlan0-guest and wlan0-admin is that they come up after 60 seconds as soon as DFS scan finishes and wlan0-lan comes up.

Oldřich Jedlička commented on 01.01.2020 14:25

Added generated hostapd configs. Main interface on phy0 in the attached config is interface=wlan0-lan, others are bss=wlan0-guest and bss=wlan0-admin. phy0 does not work (uses channel requiring DFS scan on 5GHz band), phy1 works (2.4GHz band, no DFS required).

Oldřich Jedlička commented on 20.03.2020 20:47

Fixed by pull request 2848.

Project Manager
Daniel Golle commented on 20.03.2020 22:00

Fixed in master since commit 23a885bf89a204f91e4f17ed96f1a9fc7f50ea34


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