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Opened by Tahiro Hashizume - 11.02.2019

FS#2118 - Renaming pre-configured firewall-zone names...

Supply the following if possible:
- Device problem occurs on
This is a suggestion and is not a model-specific bug report.

- Software versions of OpenWrt/LEDE release, packages, etc.
OpenWrt 18.06.1, r7258-5eb055306f

- Steps to reproduce
Description below:

This is a decade-old suggestion I’ve held within and I really hope the words will gather enough attention and momentum of the dev team. Streight to the conclusion, two pre-configured firewall-zones IMHO should be renamed from “lan” to “internal” and “wan” to “external” respectively. There are a few reasons for which I confidently feel this should be done. I’d like to argue that this is important if not essential because;
a.)Those who prefer making changes to current configurations by editing /etc/config/*, using stuff like “sed -i ‘s/before/after/g’ ${file}” (and then proceeding to reboot) is powerful and is almost mistake-free. checking for config-mistakes using grep is also powerful (and this applies to folks using uci CUI tool as well). What I do now is rename these two zones from GUI and then proceed to these steps, and it works great but having to take this extra step is rather inconvenient if not annoying.
b.)Current presets for interfaces have IPv4-WAN named as “wan” and IPv6-WAN named as “wan6” where the IPv4-WAN‘s label “wan” is no different from the firewalled-zone labeled as “wan”. This is simply comfusing. In early days when I I had just heard about the OpenWrt and had started messing with releases like Kamikaze,I had hard times understanding which string corresponded to which (sure you may argue this is documented in details but things don’t work like that for newbies).
c.)If needs for either firewall-zones or the interface-labels to be renamed are understood, I’d then have to say I’m against renaming interface-labels because those who’d decide to use VLANs would most likely name the interfaces as “config interface ‘vlan_ID’” and the string lan would stay in there.

I hope the above proposal is powerful enough...

Tahiro Hashizume commented on 11.02.2019 10:23

I do have two other feature-improvement requests I've held for some time but they can be discussed about later. I felt this one is rather urgent because it can potentially save numerous "new" users to OpenWrt from making cause-unknown mistakes.


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